Workers liked putting on jeans to work, they noticed that jeans go well with them ,because of jeans are very strongly, but now, jeans become more and more general. Jeans never die can be called a star throughout the year, are classified as "wild clothing of the first." Jeans fabric and color is also rising. Jeans now have a strange magic, fat people will look thinner and thin people will become more sexy when they wear it. There are a variety of jeans, specially for many girls, the jeans are now become very popular, people are all talking about the characteristics of jeans. But how to make the new jeans charm? Here are a quantity of suggestions, I hope they can help you.

Small trousers jeans:
Elastic-type jeans is the most fashionable and avant-garde jeans, you are able to wear it with the boots, high-top leather shoes, high-top shoes or high-top travel shoes.

Horn jeans:
Try to choose the jeans to envelop the ankle, and then matched with low-tip-type shoes to help.

Dark jeans:
If it is black or dark jeans, it is suggested to wear a pair of black, brown shoes, casual shoes and sports shoes. If you wear light colored jeans, please with a corresponding light color shoes, do not try to make the color contrast balance disorders.

Straight jeans:
It is the best to wear canvas shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and leather shoes to match this type jeans, and note that the leather shoes should be round or bulk type.

Taste the jeans:
Different people wear the same jeans will have different effects, some people are very fashion, some are very general. It is depending on your reasons. Different people are suit for different jeans. So we must spend more time to pair up the jeans. For example, The girl who has wide hip bone, do not take the narrow leg jeans, it will put your legs are even more fat, do not make an effort except you have a perfect body. Or, it will enlarge the shortcomings of you. A wide range of jeans suit slim women beautifully. Five-pants do not suit shorter legs of women. It is best not to wear denim shorts if your legs are thin. Blue jeans and black jeans are classic, they will not outdated. There are many ways to wear jeans ,I do not want to present them one by one.

Jeans can make fashion sense for you. A sunny dress can attract the mind of people. To be a brilliant and beautiful girl at once. Please trust that intentions of dressing, every girl is the princess.

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