In the chilly winter and spring weather a jumper is an absolute essential. Whilst a dress or top may look gorgeous, if you go out in just these thin items and a coat you'll still feel really cold. The key to keeping warm is layering and a jumper is an ideal top layer. A particular jumper won't suit every body shape, as some knitwear will work better with certain figures than others. To help keep you feeling warm and looking gorgeous, here is a guide on how to choose the right jumpers for your body shape.

Straight up and down
If you have a straight, slightly boyish frame then you can carry off chunkier jumpers. This is because you don't have to worry about the thick wool adding bulk to your frame and the extra thickness may add curves to your shape. An on trend look is a chunky argyle knit so go for one in traditional colours such as cream, navy or brown. As this is such a classic look, it's worth investing in a high quality argyle jumper as it will come back on trend again and again. You'll want to avoid a long thin jumper as this will draw you out and make you look even more shapeless. A better alternative is a cropped jumper as it will brake up your frame and can be layered with a pretty floral top worn underneath.

Pear shaped
If you're pear shaped you're going to want to avoid any jumpers that will add bulk to your hips or bottom. If you have a slim top half you may want to wear a cropped jumper as it will show off your smaller upper body. You need to be careful, however, as this can create such a gap between your top and bottom half that your bottom half ends up looking even more disproportionate and therefore even larger. If you're wearing a long jumper go for slimming colours, such as black and navy, as the thickness of the jumper may add extra bulk to your bottom half. A jumper that finishes around the waist is your ideal length as it won't add thickness to your lower body, nor will it create a gap between your upper and lower body.

Apple shape
With an apple body shape you're carrying most of your weight around your middle, so you want to avoid extra thickness in this area. It's a good idea to avoid chunky knits as the thick patterning will pad out your middle. Instead, opt for slim line jumpers as they won't add any extra bulk. To make sure you're still warm in your thinner jumper, opt for one that has a high wool or cashmere content. Vertical lines are a great option for your body shape, so hunt down a ribbed jumper as the ribbed effect will be slimming. A long jumper is another good choice as the long length will elongate your body, making you look more streamlined.